STEM Days: Robotics, Bricks, and Kicks is well received by the community at large and a welcomed answer to an educational disparity as well as youth’s  disconnect with law enforcement which have caused a social justice crisis in our communities. Our participants learn the importance of law enforcement, healthy lifestyle choices, sports, and community service. Furthermore, our program provides STEM Learning to marginalized communities who may not traditionally have access to STEM resources and learning methods. Moreover, students are introduced to sustainable options such as solar energy and recyclable materials.

Inspiring Young Minds

Children across the Las Vegas valley and beyond have been inspired by the work our young CEO, 8-year old Justyn Boumah,  has done in the community and feel as though they too can be a young hero. They quickly realize that they don’t have to be BIG or STRONG to do BIG things-Justyn’s quote.

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of students 10-13 years of age say they feel inspired by our young CEO and feel as though their life can do different after meeting him.

Uniting Through Innovation

Working with the Police Department, we have encountered the youngest children ages 5 and 6, having a negative view of the police. STEM Days has been able to A) Show children in urban and rural areas the different divisions associated within Metro PD. B) This exposure has shown a different side to law enforcement that kids in these communities rarely see providing a positive image of police officers to the children. C) After the police and robots  have interacted with the children, kids and adolescents have expressed interest in working with robots, working for police departments, and asking officers if they can come back to their schools for another demonstration in the future. Overall, after conducting STEM Days, students, parents/guardians, and educators have confirmed the positive  powerful impact this part of our program has had on them as individuals and in their communities.

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of students says they have a more favorable view of police after spending time interacting with them in a non threatening environment.

Engineering Dreams

The world renowned robotics team from UNLV explains the engineering design progress, aids and assists students in working through the design progress and helps create and construct pieces such as a working circuit piano. The population we serve enjoy interacting with the students from the UNLV community and discovering engineering career fields. For the first time, some students learn about engineering during STEM Days simply because these professionals are not common careers found throughout their neighborhoods.

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of students between the age of 5-15 say after interacting with our UNLV partners they feel as though STEM careers are possible for them and the communities in which they live.

Program Details

STEM Days: Robotics, Bricks, & Kicks consists of useful and creative ways where under resourced BIPOC children, grades K – 5, create robots, build LEGO sets, and learn sport science through Football, Baseball, and Soccer. Moreover, using reusable materials, children learn unique ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle because they create soccer balls with sustainable items.​
As champions for social justice, we are a bridge between police and the community, creating a non threatening environment for kids to interact with law enforcement. STEM Days: Robotics, Bricks, and Kicks is interactive where kids learn STEM in a fun and exciting way! Through partnerships with Las Vegas Metro, UNLV, Community in Schools, and Clark County School DIstrict children develop sustainable projects and become sports scientists. The children engage in their Sustainable STEM lessons at multiple stations. As a result, they work at each station, Robotics, Bricks, or Kicks for 45 minutes and switch to the next project area.

Sustainable STEM Stations:

  1. Robotics – Working with our community partner, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s Detective-ARMOR Department, the students are introduced to the police department’s robots. This exciting activity builds strong relationships between the children and law enforcement. Additionally, the Robotics Department at UNLV, teaches students the design process through a minds-on, hand-on, play-on approach. The children build and create their own robots for fun and play at home and school.
  2. Bricks – Our community partners provide instruction on building LEGOs. The children receive LEGO sets according to their skill level. This station encourages students to explore engineering through the power of play. Each student receives a LEGO play set for fun and play at school and home.
  3. Kicks – Students create their own soccer balls using newspaper, plastic bags, and twine. This activity allows the children to recycle and repurpose everyday items.

Also, fun interactive Football and Baseball simulators will allow the students to practice their pitching and tossing skills all while learning sport science! Each sport will be used to show how aerodynamics, physics, and mathematics are important to scoring.

In the end, the students write, draw and discuss their experiences. These opportunities allow them to develop their presentation and public speaking skills. Students of different abilities, ages, languages, and ethnic backgrounds are welcomed. The setting of the program occurs in areas where there are majority BIPOC families with diversity among languages and artistic presentations. The program is geared towards underserved community groups and our goal is to educate overlooked communities, showing how STEM is fun, important, sustainable, and accessible to everyone. Consequently, having a program of this magnitude is exceptionally unique among the communities we are honored to serve. We are excited that the participation of the Police Department will show partnership, positivity, and peace to our attendees.

Our objectives for STEM Days: Robotics, Bricks, and Kicks are to increase trust of law enforcement, promote healthy lifestyle choices through sports, and grow the exposure and interest in STEM related fields.

Our STEM goals are measured by pre and post written and oral assessments. Our community relationship goals are measured by post community surveys.

Project History

2021– 50 Students & Parents served Indian Spring Rural Nevada
2022 – 150 Ukrainian Refugee children served Warsaw, Poland
2023 – 175 Historic Westside intercity students served

Demographic Served

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Las Vegas ​Historic Westside
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Rural Nevada Areas
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Our Partners

Las Vegas PD & UNLV are a huge part of seeing this vision become reality by volunteering their time, effort and equipment to serve underserved children across the Las Vegas valley. Our target demographic, children grades K-5 who are from BIPOC communities, recognize that law enforcement professionals are treasured community members. They also see the possibility of college and career reinforcing partnership, positivity, and progress within the community. Their assistance serves as a catalyst to building strong relationships between our most vulnerable populations and professionals while educating kids in a unique, fun and exciting way.

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